In today’s world we all need to be artists at what we do, whether it’s bussing tables, driving a cab, being a parent, being a friend, doing road work, or running a business of our own.  When I talk about art, I mean the act of affecting others in a positive way, in your own authentic way, if even a little bit.

I believe that Aikido is such a unique martial art in that not only is it a great self-defense art, but the it’s philosophical foundation is tremendously transformational to daily life.  Compared to traditional martial arts, which are based on survival instincts and lead to brutal outcomes, Aikido utilizes principles of non-resistance and presents its practitioners with the challenge of actually protecting the attacker when used at its highest level.  I see its practice as the ultimate training ground for conflict resolution and self awareness, and its techniques are a physical manifestation of those principles.

My mission for AikiLiving is for it to be a place where stories and lessons about the applied principles of Aikido, related to life off the mat, can be shared in a way that Aikidoists and non-Aikidoists alike can comprehend and get something out of.  Most will be my personal experiences, but I welcome stories from other Aikidoists as well, though I cannot promise that all will be posted.

People are more intimately connected now than they ever have been before, and we live in a world where we have to be authentic and exceptional in order to excel.  Serving others and connecting with them in a positive way is what matters most now.  No one is going to give us permission to do this.  We need to take initiative now and start changing our world(s) – careers, businesses, environment, families, relationships, etc. – for the better, and we can’t wait for anyone else to tell us it’s okay to do so.  Through the shared experiences of Aikido, I hope AikiLiving can help others find their own true potential and enable them to spread their art in their world.

-Jonas Ellison


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